Artillery Shell: Live Fire!

Blue2k and the Artillery Shell team have released an update of the PSP shell known as, Artillery Shell: Live Fire! I took some time today to load it onto my 1.5 PSP to give it a few laps around the track. Overall, it is a fine application. It includes everything you could want from a shell, there is an MP3 player, a picture viewer, and of course a launcher for homebrew and UMD. And unlike the default PSP shell, you can activate USB mode and still use the system. During my testing, I only noticed a couple of small things annoyances. The first was with the MP3 player, if you have your files in subdirectories, the shell would crash. The second thing I did not like was the fact that icons do not save their positions. They show up in their default locations. Not that big of a deal considering the effort the team has put in. If you have a 1.5 PSP and have never tried a replacement shell, I suggest you check this one out.

[![Live Fire!](/content/images/screenshot.png)](/content/images/screenshot.png "Live Fire!")