2014 Videogame List

2014 Videogame List

It is that time of the year again, in no particular order here is my best of list!

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

I have not actually finished Shadow of Mordor and it does not matter! The game is that much fun. Effortlessly moving throughout the environment, enjoyable side missions, callously slaughtering tons of Orcs, it is endlessly entertaining. Monolith has built a great game and in the process, I believe, they have shown an even brighter light on the train wreck that was last year's Ubisoft open world releases. I just wonder if Monolith can follow up with something just as good after shedding the Tolkien license. The photo mode is a nice touch too.

Elite: Dangerous

I am not sure how many hours I have sunk into Elite so far (one of the downsides of it not being released through Steam), but it is more than a couple. Being a space trucker is surprisingly relaxing and fun. For the most part, I have been cruising around space transporting in game goods from one station to another. The last couple of days though I have tried my hand at a little bounty hunting. Dog fighting while listening to audio books, I highly recommend it. Elite is a bit light on content and the story is easily over looked but, I am still amazed at this game and it should keep me busy until Star Citizen's release.

This War of Mine

I wrote a post about This War of Mine (which is still unpublished) a little while back exclaiming my love for the game. No power fantasy, IDKFA Doom Marine here just a group of people trying to survive. It is a view of conflict gamers do not normally see. As with other games on this list, I have not yet finished it. That is not really a problem though as I keep coming back to the game when have some spare time.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

I tried so hard to get lost in the world presented in Ethan Carter but it fought me at every turn. It is a fantastic looking game; the screen shot on the home page is one I took while playing. I felt boxed in while playing invisible walls are everywhere. I wanted to stroll off the paths, natural boundaries would have added so much to the almost perfect environment. Just go play it (and mind the walls).

Hearthstone Heroes of WarCraft

What can I say? It is the perfect game for a new father.

Happy New Year!