Dead Man's Chest (PSP)

I had a chance today to check out Booster's Devhook v0.43. The new version has support for "booting" the PSP with 2.60 firmware. So, with a quick trip down to a friends house, I had a borrowed copy of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" ready for testing. I downloaded my Devhook as a complete package from so, I didn't have to go through the trouble of dumping any firmware files myself. I did however add jmitch268's screenshot mod because well, it's just nice to be able to take screen shots from within the game. :)

Dead Man's Chest 01

Anyway, you no doubt know about "Pirates of the Caribbean", that's right: one of this summer's block buster movies! So, you shouldn't be surprised to know that there is a mediocre (at best) game tie in. Yay! Dead Man's Chest 02

I only had the game for a short time and only had a chance to try the single player part. Truth be told after the single player experience I don't really want to try the multi-player anyway. It started OK but, before long I made had started my second sword fight and couldn't tell what was going on because the camera was going crazy. I had just started so I figured maybe it will get better... Dead Man's Chest 05

From what I played it seems everything is kept pretty simple. Kill enemies blocking your path, move forward, rinse and repeat. Fighting is oversimplified (in an attempt to reach a broader market I'm guessing) enemies have an icon over their head telling you which attack button to use. Fighting is kind of frustrating because you step forward with the attacks so it is very easy to fall off of ledges. Getting surrounded by enemies also drove me crazy because my "pirate action" (or whatever it was called) never seemed to want to work when I needed it. Dead Man's Chest 04

I finally just had to stop playing when I realized that the pirates with guns on the level just below me were too stupid to shoot me OR to walk up the ramp right beside them. The game is about as much fun as a punch in the gut. Sure it looks good and the voice acting is OK but, the game sucks. Dead Man's Chest 06