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88 Rockets *Follow Up*

I received my 88 Rockets T-shirt from Printfection.com yesterday and much to my surprise it wasn't complete crap. I ordered a couple shirts from CafePress a while back and you could see the 'clear' part transfer from when it was ironed on. This one looks like it was printed onto the shirt - ink appears to be soaked into the threads not just sitting on top of them. I also sent the shirt on it's first journey through the washer and dryer and the image held up great. The only major problem I have with the shirt is that the 'Retro Gamer' tag on the back should be placed up higher on the shirt.

88 Rockets Printfection Front 88 Rockets Printfection Back 88 Rockets Close Up

It's not as good as a silk screen print but, considering that this design would cost over $100 just to make the screens (wouldn't be a problem if I was selling them though) and that alone makes it worth the couple of bucks I spent on it. edit I really can't spell it seems. I think I need a beer.