88 Rockets *Follow Up*

I received my 88 Rockets T-shirt from Printfection.com yesterday and much to my surprise it wasn't complete crap. I ordered a couple shirts from CafePress a while back and you could see the 'clear' part transfer from when it was ironed on. This one looks like it was printed onto the shirt - ink appears to be soaked into the threads not just sitting on top of them. I also sent the shirt on it's first journey through the washer and dryer and the image held up great. The only major problem I have with the shirt is that the 'Retro Gamer' tag on the back should be placed up higher on the shirt.

[![88 Rockets Printfec88 Rockets Printfection Frontet/content/images/88_rockets_printfection_front.jpg "88 Rockets Printfection Front") [![88 Rockets Printfec88 Rockets Printfection Backet/content/images/88_rockets_printfection_back.jpg "88 Rockets Printfection Back") [![88 Rockets Close Up88 Rockets Close Upet/content/images/88_rockets_printfection_closeup.jpg "88 Rockets Close Up")

It's not as good as a silk screen print but, considering that this design would cost over $100 just to make the screens (wouldn't be a problem if I was selling them though) and that alone makes it worth the couple of bucks I spent on it. edit I really can't spell it seems. I think I need a beer.