88 Rockets

[![88 Rockets](/conten88 Rocketset/content/images/88_rockets.jpg "88 Rockets")

The real question is: Is 88 rockets enough? update I wanted to see how 88 Rockets actually looked on a shirt and since silk-screening one shirt is insanely expensive I turned to one of those print on demand services. Sure the quality of the print will probably be only a bit better then an iron-on but at least I'd get a good idea of the final product. I hate CafePress so I used a newer service called Printfection they are running a special right now which will allow new customers to get one shirt for $2 per side (plus shipping). My shirt came to $9.95 total - not to bad for an iron-on. I scaled the front down a bit on the print version - I think it might have been a touch too much. [![88 Rockets White Fr88 Rockets White Frontet/content/images/88_rockets_white_front.jpg "88 Rockets White Front") [![88 Rockets Back](/c88 Rockets Backet/content/images/88_rockets_white_back.jpg "88 Rockets Back")

We'll see just how good or bad it looks in about a week or so.