A Wii Tale

Earlier today a friend IM'd be to tell me the tale of a mutual friend who currently resides in Portland, OR. It seems that this past Sunday she decided it was time to get a Nintendo Wii and was willing to wait in line for it - if that's what it took. Well, after waiting in line at some big box store (I'm not sure which one) for about three hours her wish was granted. She went home with a brand new Wii! After carefully unpacking and hooking up the Wii to the TV - it came time to place a CD in drive - and much to her horror (and anyone else nearby I'm guessing) the drive accepted the disc with the most horrible grinding you have ever heard... With the short supply of Wii's still plaguing the states it's not like she can just exchange it at the store she will have to get it fixed through Nintendo. Look at it this way - at least you got a Wii. :P