About shindakun dot net

shindakunWelcome to shindakun dot net - a blog about the interweb, gaming and some other stuff.... Hi, my name is Steve and I've run this domain since August 2002. The main site was originally started as a sub-domain on the now defunct Demented Dot Org, where it was just a run of the mill hand coded blog. However, once I registered the full domain the hosting changed over to A Small Orange and it continued on about the same until 2005, when I actually started posting about games. At some point I decided to make the switch from the hand coded PHP/MySQL blog to WordPress and focus more on games and less on other topics, although they do creep in from time to time. The site surprisingly started to outgrow A Small Orange, so I moved it to its current home on Dreamhost where it has enjoyed unlimited bandwidth and storage ever since. Currently, I live in Portland, OR with my wife Kristen, our cat Jameson and our dog Logan. Anyway, I hope you like the site - feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with the news. ### Industry Insider

Well, not really. I did however, received a paycheck from Activision for a short time while I worked at Vicarious Visions in QA. I may have been able to further pursue a career in the industry, but I decided to continue with my education and moved out of the area when it became necessary. It was a great place to work and not at all like some of the QA horror stories I have heard about. In the end though, I met a ton of great people, had a nice look inside the industry and even got my name in the credits of multiple SKU's. ### Podcaster

Back in 2009, while at a local pub, a couple of friends and I decided to start our own gaming podcast, and thus 25 Cent Play was born. Fast forward about a year to when we finally actually recorded our first episode. We've been going pretty strongly since then, baring a few missed shows here and there. The name 25 Cent Play comes from the flyers that advertised early arcade cabinets, we're talking the 70's here. ### Game "Writer"

I may not consider myself a full-fledged writer or reviewer, since this is an unpaid hobby after all, but I still like to try my hand at it - often using really horrible grammar. We've been lucky enough, with the podcast to make a few contacts within publishers who will allow smaller outfits such as us to take a crack at upcoming titles. If anyone who happens to be reading this is working PR for a game publisher or developer drop me a line, we want to see your game! Or if for some reason you need someone to attempt to string together a few words to try to form a sentence for your site or whatever let me know. ### Game Player

Some would say I play games, too many in fact. But, when playing games is your hobby and part of your life for so long it's hard to think about not doing it. I'm addicted, OK? I admit it!