After Burner: Black Falcon PSP

After Burner

SEGA and Planet Moon Studios have just announced the revival of another classic SEGA franchise - After Burner. Planet Moon is bring the game - After Burner: Black Falcon to the PSP sometime in the Spring of 2007. Bob Stevenson, the CEO of Planet Moon, noted in the press release that this version is "approximately 9000% more portable than the original arcade cabinet". The game will allow customization of 19 officially licensed military planes, which the player can use in solo missions or against friends in one of the multiplayer modes. While there is no specific information on the wireless play we do know there will be competitive and co-op WiFi modes. The story centers on a mercenary organization known as Black Falcon, who have stolen 13 top secret fighter planes, and it is up to the player to get them back. Once I track down some screen shots I'll be sure to pass them along.