All to Easy

I spent far to long today looking for a copy of Empire at War - every store I stopped at was sold out. Now considering that each store only had one or two copies extra after preorders I guess it's no surprise they were all gone. However, with the help of my new best friend 'whatshername' over at EB I was able to track one down - which was great because I wasn't feeling all that well and really needed to get back to the pad (but that's a whole other story). I even got one of those Death Star desktop ball things. I wonder if the Star Wars geeks will be buying them off of Ebay in a few weeks.

![The DeathStar](/content/images/505446_bonus.jpg)
So, I quickly got the game installed - started her up - got notified of a patch ([patch details]( - got that installed - then finally got into the game. I started my campaign as the Empire, because as Mike would say, I get all the darkside points. I just felt that crushing the Rebels would be a good time... Is that so wrong? Overall the game is great, having played the demo I already had a feel for the game play so I was able to just jump right in and play. To put it simply, if you like RTS games and Star Wars then you better play this game. It's a good game chock full of all things Star Wars. If you need more convincing - grab the demo via [bit torrent](