Astonishia Story

I almost didn't pick this one up, but since I was hopping for a decent PSP RPG I took a chance. I didn't realize at the time is that the game is actually a port of a 12 year old Korean RPG. That is on the one hand cool because the game feels very retro - the way a traditional RPG should. Graphically the game is ok - featuring well animated hand drawn sprites. There is nothing special about the audio. Then again there is nothing special about the game at all. Overall, it's boring (I did however enjoy running into a character modeled after Kenshiro of Hokuto no Ken), just a mediocre RPG with some characters that I don't really care about. If story and character development was a bit deeper then this one might be worth a play but with that and the fact you have to see so many load screens it's just not worth it. I might put in a couple of more hours in the hopes that the game has a surprise hidden in there somewhere but, I'm sure this one will go unfinished.