Atari Gets Steamed

I just logged into Steam to play a quick game of Audiosurf and saw that everyones favorite game publisher Atari has decided to release several of it's titles for download.

  • Act of War: Direct Action
  • Act of War: High Treason
  • ArmA: Combat Operations
  • Atari 80 Classics in 1
  • Death to Spies
  • Desperados 2: Cooper€„¢s Revenge
  • Indigo Prophecy
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum
  • Tycoon City: New York

I played Act of War: Direct Action around the time of it's release and remember it being pretty fun. But, the only game I think I'll actually pick up is Indigo Prophecy well, until The Witcher is released that is. It looks like Atari make seriously try and save themselves...