Batman Begins

Well, I had some time today to check out EA's 'Batman Begins' ( ) for the GBA today. And Just so you know my game is currently at 25% complete and 2 out of 16 bat-a-rangs. I still haven't made it to see the movie and the game does have spoilers but I'll try to ignore them. This is a great little game. It's 'stealth action' which means you can hide in well placed shadows and grab the bad guys as they walk by (see the third picture below). There is also a nice beat-em-up feel to the game thanks to some well done combos and an overall nice set of moves (the sweep is still the cheapest way to beat most enemies).

Graphics wise I'd say yeah it's definitely a GBA game. The controls seem pretty good, everything feels nice and smooth. All of Batman's 'wonderful toys' are here including a special attack which calls in a bunch of bats that deal nice amounts of damage. There is only one flaw as far as I'm concerned - you restart at the beginning of the level if you die. All in all a fine game for the GBA. Now I can't wait till Monday to try the Xbox version. Anyway, that's all for now.