Biker Mice From Mars on DS and PS2

[![BMFM 01](/content/iBMFM 01et/content/images/billede2.jpg "BMFM 01")Does any one remember the Biker Mice from Mars? For some reason I do, even though I've never actually seen the show. Well, apparently the series has been reborn in the UK with a new TV series and The Game Factory has announced a game for PS2 and DS. Players will take control of one of the three Biker Mice (Vinnie, Throttle or Modo) and battle their way through 15 levels (well, on the PS2 anyway) looking for more powerful weapons and gadgets to aid in the fight. Battle your way from Chicago to Mars and help the Biker Mice save both planets! PlayStation 2 features: > A €˜Bonus System€„¢, which rewards players for achieving specific goals in each mission and encourages players to re-play missions Four super-tough boss fights The ability to take control of a wild €˜hog€„¢ equipped with lasers, guns, rockets and gadgets The chance to see the unique blend of action, comedy, and adventure which is seen in the popular cartoon series

Nintendo DS features: > Eight action packed racing and Melee combat missions The ability to for players to €˜powerslide€„¢ their way around high speed tracks to defeat enemies and bosses Perform huge jumps across Chicago Freeways and Martian Plains Pick up and use weapons and objects as you brawl Melee style

[![BMFM 02](/content/iBMFM 02et/content/images/billede3.jpg "BMFM 02")

[![BMFM 03](/content/iBMFM 03et/content/images/bmfm_01.jpg "BMFM 03") [![BMFM 04](/content/iBMFM 04et/content/images/bmfm_04.jpg "BMFM 04") [![BMFM 05](/content/iBMFM 05et/content/images/bmfm_09.jpg "BMFM 05")

[![BMFM 06](/content/iBMFM 06et/content/images/bmfm_11.jpg "BMFM 06")

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