Canon Fodder PSP Screenshots

Yesterday, PSP Fanboy linked to an IGN exclusive on Codemasters remake of Cannon Fodder well, this morning I received an e-mail with some screens that were not part of the IGN write up...

[![Cannon Fodder 01](/Cannon Fodder 01et/content/images/cannonfodder_psp_big_bang.jpg "Cannon Fodder 01") [![Cannon Fodder 02](/Cannon Fodder 02et/content/images/cannonfodder_psp_boom1.jpg "Cannon Fodder 02") [![Cannon Fodder 03](/Cannon Fodder 03et/content/images/cannonfodder_psp_desert_base.jpg "Cannon Fodder 03")

[![Cannon Fodder 04](/Cannon Fodder 04et/content/images/cannonfodder_psp_pow.jpg "Cannon Fodder 04") [![Cannon Fodder 05](/Cannon Fodder 05et/content/images/cannonfodder_psp_tank2.jpg "Cannon Fodder 05") [![Cannon Fodder 06](/Cannon Fodder 06et/content/images/cannonfodder_psp_tank.jpg "Cannon Fodder 06")

Click for Full Size

I'm really excited about this one. I have many fond memories of the Amiga version so hopefully this will live up to the original. In fact, I think I need to break out my WHDLoad DVD and play for a while. update Fixed WHDLoad link.