Capcom HD Remixes

Akuma HD I haven't mentioned it here - but, everyone who has wandered near my cube - knows that I am really excited about the upcoming release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Although, I have to admit once I had a chance to play the arcade version again today I was completely destroyed. Apparently, you can forget how to play - mind you I wasn't the greatest player but, I could hold my own (ah, memories - and lots of quarters). I was always very sad that the arcade I work at many years ago did not have SSF2T as it was a few years after it's release and the owner always thought that Soul Calibur was a better draw. So, with this retro goodness it was good to hear that Super Puzzle Fighter would also be receiving a fresh coat of paint and released on Xbox Live Arcade. These releases may very well lead to my first purchases from the Live Arcade. Which is a difficult thing to accomplish since as far as I'm concerned everything up there is over priced - also, I don't believe in the whole Live points (or whatever they are called) system - just charge me five bucks and be done with it! Whatever - I've got to figure out some time in my schedule where I can fit in some training... Via Capcom Digital