The other day I had an interesting experience when the QA lead wandered over to my desk with the news that he had just had my name officially added to the credits. It's nice to know that I've had a hand in shaping someone's game play experience (hopefully it is a good experience). VV is a pretty nice environment to work in - although the project I'm on hasn't entered into it's insane bug bashing cycle quite yet so it's bound to pick up and become and become a lot more hectic. I've heard some horror stories about QA work in the video game industry in the past - but thankfully I have yet to see anything like that at VV. I hate to cut this short - I've got so much stuff to ramble on about - but, I need a break from sitting in front of a computer... And so your not bored, I did find a couple of QA related blogs you can look at in the mean time: