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Currently Playing I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed, trying to find time to check out all the games I want to play. Currently, I've got a few titles sitting on my plate that I'm going to focus on - not counting Guild Wars, which I may have to give up sleep for. The Orange Box (Xbox 360) It's been a little while since it's release but, I finally made it over to Target to grab a copy for the Xbox 360. Over the past week I put in around ten hours and beat my way through Half-Life 2 again. As expected I still love the game. My only gripe about is about the damn load times - I wish Valve had done something about that. It's that way in all Source engine games, even Portal - which has a excellent area to mask loading during the elevator ride between levels - comes to a screeching halt. Maybe when Half-Life 2 Episode 3 comes out in a few years they will finally have taken care of it. The Orange Box is my absolute favorite game/package of the year. Orcs & Elves (Nintendo DS) Although it arrived on Tuesday, I did not have a chance to try it out until yesterday morning. Even then I was only able to put in about ten minutes before I had to put the DS down. It was just enough time for me to realize that this game is going to be awesome - an old-school-style turn-based 3D action-RPG hack-n-slash adventure is just what my DS has been waiting for! I was able to cram in another hour or so of play time before going to sleep last night. During that time I was able to clean out a couple of levels worth of monsters with my trusty talking magic wand. Orcs & Elves puts you in a 3D grid based dungeon where you move square by square hacking your way through enemies in an effort to save dwarves from some orcs and elves. Hopefully, during my Thanksgiving downtime I'll be about to put in the seven or so more hours needed to complete it. Fireteam Reloaded (PC) Way back in 97 or 98, I was involved with a beta test for an awesome on-line only multi-player game called Fireteam. After the beta ended however, I lost touch with everyone I played with because I didn't have the time, money or a stable enough internet connection to continue playing. I'm pretty sure it's the first on-line arena style combat game I ever played. Fireteam did receive generally favorable reviews, if I remember correctly but, being sold on-line only at $59.95 limited it's impact. About a month ago I received a press release for an upcoming game known as Fireteam Reloaded - and much to my joy it turned out to be a re-hash of the classic. It even has a couple of developers from the original game. The game is just entering closed beta - which you all should join - and since I haven't read the NDA very closely that's about all I'll say for now... Exteel (PC) I remember hearing about this game a while back and then promptly forgetting about it. Well, yesterday while mucking about on the NCsoft web site I ended up over at the Exteel official site and noticed that the open beta had just started. [![Exteel Lobby](/contExteel Lobbyet/content/images/image_20071116_090846.jpg)* Exteel* is in no way an MMO - it's basically a third person giant robot arena combat game. Once the beta ends Exteel will join the ranks of free to play, pay for some item on-line games. So far it seems pretty fun, I've only played three deathmatch rounds so far but, I'm hoping to squeeze more in. This might be one to watch. Upcoming - once I finish (or get bored) with something else Assassins Creed (Xbox 360) * Call of Duty 4* (Xbox 360) * Guild Wars: Nightfall* (PC) * Guild Wars: Eye of the North* (PC)