Destroy All Batmen!?!

So, I'm 28% into 'Destroy All Humans' ( )... And the game is great! The graphics are terrific, the story is insane, and they used clips from Edward D Wood Jr's 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. Really, what else could you ask for? Well, besides using your mental powers well using your jet pack, what more could you ask for? Pandemic ( ) did a fantastic job with this title! Out of the stack of games sitting on top of the Xbox right now this is one that I'll probably see through to the end and possibly all the way to 100%.

The other new game on my plate is 'Batman Begins' for the Xbox. I'm on the fourth or fifth stage of that so far and it is also a great game. For a 'stealth action' it does seem to be a bit to easy with moves and action points handed right to the player. But, that's probably only to make it easier on the majority of casual players so I can forgive that. I can't decide about the picture below either the programers have a sense of humor or I caught my Xbox in the middle of redrawing the model. You can see for your self - stand next to a wall and move the camera around looking at Batman's face.