Does Anyone Play TF2?

Team Fortress 2 is fun! Well, it would be if I could actually find games to join on the 360. My schedule has been a bit strange lately so I've only tried a few times but, I've had a tough time - quickly - finding a game. I was discussing this with my friend hisloudness, who told me he finally gave up on Live and just bought the game through Steam. I am seriously considering doing the same. I would really like to play - most of all I'd like to play with friends. Even with the issues with lag that accompanied the games Xbox 360 release aren't fully to blame with the seemingly lack of players, Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 (both huge games with consoles players) contributed significantly. So there is my dilemma, should I re-buy Team Fortress 2 at $29.99 or the entire Orange Box at $49.99? Or should I just go play some Halo 3 and be done with it? Looking at Game-Monitor I can tell I would have no shortage of US based games I could join. Maybe I should just make use of Steam's gift buying feature and tell my PC playing friends to get it for me... hint hint.