Doom 3 and Red Ninja

It still a couple days before 'Doom 3', which was brought to Xbox by Vicarious Visions ( ) hits stores. I have to say VV did a great job it is an awesome conversion! I'm going to be a few minutes away from their offices for the rest of the weekend I wonder if they need someone for IT type stuff.

![image](/contentdoom3.jpg "image")
There is only one problem that I found during the course of playing. You can see that here: (You need the xvid codec to view it, go to []( and check the downloads section for the codec packs.) The video is a bit jerky. I didn't check it before I deleted the source video. My bad. Anyway, I thought we were pass the times of enemies getting stuck on walls?Another game I got my hands on even though it has been getting less then perfect reviews... well just take a look at gamestats ( []( ) you'll see what I mean... 'Red Ninja' interesting premise. But in the end it's poorly executed. The game looks ok and there is a fair share of panty shots (oh yay just what I wanted no game play and more panties).
![image](/contentredninja.jpg "image")
I'll probably never beat the game because it is just to much of a headache to play. They really should have held back the release of this game to tweak the controls and the enemy AI just a bit. One more week and they would have had a winner!Oh well, I'm out... Going to Albany for the weekend. I'll be back Tuesday. Now I hope 'Sin City' ( []( ) is as good as those people over at IMDB say it is ... 8.7/10 (1,234 votes).