Finished The Fight

Last Friday a few of us gathered over Xbox Live with the goal of "finishing the fight" on Legendary difficulty. We were all very excited. The battles were intense but, our enemies were no match for us - approximately six hours later the credits began to roll. It would have been shorter had we not been held up a couple times with no idea what to do or where to go. [![Rocket At Your FeetRocket At Your Feetet/content/images/2762271-medium.jpg "Rocket At Your Feet")Now, I'm not here to bitch - Halo 3 is a fantastic game, it knows what it wants to do and it does it well - very well. There is just one issue that I can't seem to get past: the four player co-op mode. It's so tacked on that the cut scenes do not even have the two Elites (who we came to call Huey and Duey) in them! Surely, Bungie/Microsoft has the server resources for some last minute re-renders. It's just sloppy and will surely be over looked by everyone and their mother - I just can't seem to forgive it. Blargh! Anyway, the real fun of the game is the on-line multi-player... The saved film/hi-rez screen shot feature is just what I needed. Now, I can waste time replaying films trying to get perfect angle screen shots for all my kills. Yay! I had a very hard time this past week trying to keep myself from playing. After all, I don't need to unpack anything after the Xbox 360 is hooked up. Right? In fact, I'm going to get in my car and drive home now it's time for a long weekend... See you on-line.