First Impressions - Part One

During the Prologue section of 'Dark Corners of the Earth' I took the time to jot down a couple of notes so I would be able to post my first impressions. Later on, I went back later and took some screen shots to put up with this post. In an effort not to spoil too much I won't talk about the story if possible. One thing of note that I some how forgot to write down at the time was the fact that the game takes several minutes to cache a bunch of stuff to the Xbox hard drive so be prepared for that. Thank god it only does it once.

I'll go through this in the order of my notes - the first note was "OMFG it's out!". If your read the other post about the game you can see the warning screen that comes up in the beginning. Believe it! Play the game in the dark. The game title screen is very cool with the sea in the background and some fitting music to round it out. Upon starting the game you are treated to a sequence which takes place in Arkham Asylum. The first thing I noticed was that the models well not perfect are passable and are decent. The 'dust and scratches' film effect gave it the nice old quality I think the developers where going for. The graphics aren't anything special but they get the job done.
Jacks cell in the asylum looks terrific. There are bloody runes everywhere and Jack sits writing in his diary. After the asylum movie ends we change locations and here is the first time that we get to hear the voice actors. The voice portion of the game isn't going to win any awards but it's ok. Once the opening movies are over we are finally in control of Jack. It's a pretty standard default controller setup, with the left thumbstick for movement, right thumbstick for camera movement, X for jump, A for action/use, and B for crouch.
One thing I noticed that doesn't come across well in the screen shots is they included the effect of water hitting the screen and rolling off of it - nothing new but it's a nice touch.
The first time you get to experience a sanity effect is pretty interesting. The game changes almost everything: sounds are drawn out (slowed down), the screen has all sorts of different effects (zooming in and out, fading in and out, colors fading, etc.). You really have to play it for the best experience. That's it for part one of my first impressions list. I'm on my way to the g/f's maybe I'll post the second half from Albany...