Games? What games?

So, other then my car leaking gas all over Southern New York and Northern New Jersey last week ended ok. I got very drunk on St. Pat's and then made some money the next day (which went toward getting the car worked on) sigh whatever... Well, I am over the whole 'Republic Commando' thing... That game is wack! I've moved on to 'Cold Fear' ( ) made by a kick ass game studio called 'Darkworks'. I'm not really one for survival horror genre but damn this game is cool! I actually jumped a couple of times. If you haven't had a chance to check it out do so!

![image](/contentcoldfear.jpg "image")
During the search for a new game I have come across an old favorite repackaged in the form of 'Tony Hawks Underground 2' ( )... What a disappointment that was. I guess I should have picked it up right when it first came out. Maybe I thought it is bad because my Tony Hawk skills are complete gone for some reason, it's like I've never played before. Oh, well, I guess I'll keep at it over the next couple of weeks and maybe I'll squeeze in enough time to make some progress.Another gem that I've discovered somewhat after the fact (being out for two months or so already) is 'Mercenaries' ( ). It's nice to run around blowing stuff up. Oh and I guess the graphics and game play are cool too... But, you get to blow stuff up! Alright, well I have some work to do and I've used up my few hours video game playing time window...