I tend to do a lot of bouncing around programming wise. Moving from writing JavaScript to Swift to C++ to ASM (the ASM is more about reading OP codes and doesn't actually involve much writing). Moving around so much I never really focus too much on larger projects, I just get in do what I need at the time and then get out.

This has a side effect of making it difficult to show case what I've done. Sure you can look at Github and see some open source contributions but that doesn't show the whole picture.

I've repeatedly said that I want to make some sort of game but never followed through. It might be time to actually get started... Or I might never actually do it. But what kind of game can I make? I'm no artist and might not even be a good designer.

My starting point actually comes from my past. Back in the early 90s when we used BBS's as our primary meeting ground there was one game that I always enjoyed. That game was Legend of the Red Dragon. It wasn't the most serious of things, but I still enjoyed "fighting" monsters and trying to kill the dragon. Oh yeah and of course getting killed and killing other players - memories! Take a moment to check it out, you can play online still of at Why LoRD you say? Didn't I just say you can still play it? There is even a PHP based web version, Legend of the Green Dragon, why would I want to make another? Well, honestly, I think it is just because it gives me a solid starting point and a goal to work toward. We'll take a closer look at the game in another post but this should give you an idea of what we're looking to have when we're done.

I've decided that since I've been very Node.js focused that it's they way to go. I don't have a complete sketch but I'm planning on an Node.js/Express server backend to start (maybe with Redis caching thrown in just because). The front end portion will probably use Angular or maybe even Vanilla JS. No bootstrap though, I may use html5 boiler plate or whatever the kids use these days. Hosting will be initially provided by the fine folks at Giant Swarm.

Next time we'll take a closer look at how LoRD plays and maybe plan out some of our initial goals for the project. Until then...