Gangs Of London PSP Beta Same As Retail?

Back in the beginning of August I pointed PSP Fanboy to an article on in which Sony spokesman David Wilson acknowledged that a beta version of Gangs of London had, in fact, been leaked onto the internet. "It is not the complete game and it has anomalies in the code since it hasn't been through our QA process yet", Wilson explained. Well, it has come to my attention that a "PSP release group" known as "psyfer" has released what they claim is the final European retail version of the game. The interesting bit is, according to the NFO, they "dumped the retail UMD of this game and it turns out to be the same as a 'beta' that was leaked onto P2P a month ago". That brings me to my point. If the leaked beta and the retail version are the "same" what happened to the QA process Mr. Wilson was talking about? Early reviews are saying the game is just another less then stellar game for the PSP catalog (the system has far too many already). The whole thing sounds a bit fishy to me and I don't have any way to verify the groups claims but I'm sure someone out there might be able to… update Added MetaCritic link.