Go KAZooK on PSP

Xplosiv has revealed this morning the existence of a party game known as KAZooK. Developed by MonteCristo KAZooK features 30 bizarre mini-games with 16 characters to choose from. Throughout the game you will have to face with killer Zombies, pilot out of control UFOs, fight with mad sweaty Sumo’s, cause mayhem at an outrageous pool party and encounter many other thrills and oddities. Game Features:

30 bizarre mini-games - simple shoot-em-ups to dance games, Fighting to Racing - Offering a variety of game styles, each with its own challenge – something for everyone.

16 playable characters – take control of one of 16 characters – all-star rappers, skate-kids, wild goths girls and cool street dudes among others as you take on the many challenges KAZooK has to offer.

3 solo game modes:

Normal – Battle through each mini-game one-by-one, unlocking more levels and bonus’.

Survival – Test your staying power – play through all the minigames, lasting as long as possible.

Party – take on the challenge of completing all minigames to become the ultimate party superstar!

Wi-Fi Multiplayer – 27 mini-games can be played 2 player using the PSP wi-fi feature and 6 can be played hot-seat on one PSP - beat, blast and race your friends. Are you KAZooK?

Game Sharing – 5 of the minigames can be shared with other PSP’s using only one game UMD.

Controls – Simple controls allows gamers of all abilities to pick it up and play but impossible to put down!

[![KAZooK 01](/contentKAZooK 01et/content/images/kazook_1.jpg "KAZooK 01") [![KAZooK 02](/contentKAZooK 02et/content/images/kazook_2.jpg "KAZooK 02")

[![KAZooK 03](/contentKAZooK 03et/content/images/kazook_3.jpg "KAZooK 03") [![KAZooK 04](/contentKAZooK 04et/content/images/kazook_4.jpg "KAZooK 04")

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