Going Retro: Final Fantasy IX

Last week at this time Racketboy had a post about using shader plugins for the PS1 emulator ePSXe to improve graphics quality. I've know about the plug-ins for a while now but, never had the desire to check them out. Well, after looking at the Final Fantasy IXscreen shot I decided to give it a go. I have to admit I never played Final Fantasy IX so, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to finally get that out of the way. Actually, Final Fantasy I, II and VII are the only titles in the series that I've played through to completion. FFIX Cover After some searching around I was able to borrow a copy from a co-worker. Over the week I have been able to squeeze in about 16 hours worth of playing - and so far I'm really digging the game. I'm told the game runs around 40 hours or so total. Hell, maybe when I'm done with this one I'll tackle Final Fantasy VIII, if I can't borrow one I'll probably turn to Ebay. The only real downside of the experience is my video card doesn't like the shader plug-in, so I can't use it with top settings. I guess it's time to upgrade. Well, I better get back to the game - I need to see how it ends.

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