Guild Wars: Holiday Promotion

Earlier today Kris and I were discussing the upcoming Christmas season when she asked me what I wanted. My reply was along the lines of "A stack of games please!". So, along those lines I was just browsing around the Internet and I ended up on the Guild Wars web site and saw that there is a new holiday promotion! It seems that with a purchase of Eye of the North you can get a second campaign 50% off! Which is right up my alley since I need Eye of the North and Nightfall. The offer is good from now until December 31 so, if you haven't picked up GW:EN and one of the other campaigns now may be the time. Now, all I have to do is get over my need for the physical boxed copy... I suppose paying the same price as a brick and mortar store can be over looked in this time since there are no subscription fees and there is the whole 50% off thing.