Guild Wars

Over the weekend I decided to finally give 'Guild Wars' ( ) a try. I haven't played 'WoW' since it went gold. Playing in the beta test was fun but, not fun enough to get me to pay $49 for the game AND pay every month just to play. No amount of added content is worth that to me. Maybe I'm just cheap. shrug Anyway, so I made myself a character, a necromancer/warrior, named Shindakun Koji. You have to have a first and last name in the game so I used my nick as a family name and 'Koji' comes from Suzuki Koji, author of 'Ringu'. Anyway, I've been half playing today at work so I could finish the intro section of the game and move into what I guess is the main story arch. I did every quest I could find and got my character up to level seven. Now, it's time to get started on some new quests. So far it's a pretty cool game. And I've got a couple of hours left here in the office so I'm going back to playing.