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Happy Halloween!

Mad King Thorn"The Mad King is coming!" At least that's what I was told when I first reached Lion's Arch yesterday afternoon. I realized earlier in the day that my entire moving fiasco had seriously cut into the time I was trying to spend continuing my way through Guild Wars. I knew from past Halloween events the King would be making his way to Lion's Arch so, I checked the map to see where I was in relation. Thankfully, I was not too far away and figured I should make the trek from the Gates of Kryta since they are right next to each other. I haven't had the time to sit and play the last week or so but I figured an hour or two wouldn't hurt. So, after trekking over I checked out the town and the ghosts - which was all I had time for before logging off. This morning I arrived in Lion's Arch just before noon and proceed to wait around with a large number of people for the king to arrive. Having people call out the minutes to arrival made the wait seem to take forever. After what seemed like forever, he finally turned up and the 'party' began. There was much rejoicing. After receiving 25 or so Trick or Treat bags for taking part in the festivities the Mad King gave everyone a nice new mask. Mad King ThornIt's too bad I don't have a Nightfall account then I could head over to Kamadan and see if there is an alternate mask. Oh well. Actually, on a side note I noticed today that Shindakun Koji had received his second birthday present. Which wasn't there yesterday so I guess the 31st is his 'birthday'. I'll have to check /age next time I log on - which might be just before 3 PM. ;)