Here come the zombies!

'Land of the Dead' was, let's be honest, not a good movie. It was an OK zombie film and it was great to see Romero's work on the big screen but it just wasn't a good movie. The plot was crap. The acting was crap. The 'message' of the movie was crap. Now, do you know what happens when we take all that and roll it into an Xbox game? That's right it's crap!

Ever since the 'They Hunger' ( []( ) mod for 'Half-Life' I've been dying for a good zombie game. 'They Hunger' was almost perfect! It is good to know that they are going to be putting out a 'Source' version soon. **Joy!** Anyway, I haven't played to far in 'LOTD' yet and I probably won't go any further...
The zombies look pretty good but from what I've seen there are only a couple of different models used during each stage. Fantastic! I get to kill the same dead jerk I killed two seconds ago.
Once dead the zombie vanish after a few seconds - they should have had the zombies get dusted, ala 'Buffy', at least that would make sense. What the hell? No piles of dead bodies?!? The entire game just sort looks blah. It's totally uninspired. And it really kills the entire experience. I'd rather be playing 'Stubbs'.
To make a long story a bit shorter: Someone needs to go find the devteam over at Brainbox ( []( ) and shank them before they have a chance to do this again to some poor game (not to mention us)! I hope playing 'From Russia With Love' will wash this awful taste out of my mouth... *edit* It was just pointed out to me that since I was so fed up with 'LOTD' I actually forgot to post about the horrible loading issue that actually will alert the player to the fact that a zombie is around the corner... Opps. Anyway the game sucks!