Intel Mac's

Like a lot of geeks - I'm really excited about the MacBook Pro. I've discussed my sorted love of the Mac a couple times with friends, and if you're one of the couple of people who follow my rambling with some sore of regularity (really?) you'll know I am a big fan of PearPC. The idea of an Intel Mac is almost mind-boggling even though they have finally hit the market. I guess that just stems from my old school mind set. Mac's and PC's don't mix. Well, it looks like that era is over. We'll have to wait till the MacBook Pro starts shipping (or some more reviews are published) but I'm angling to get one. Remember everyone my birthday is in February - and all I want this year it a Mac (never thought I'd say that). And as a side note, it's a bit odd that I grabbed my Messier Rangers jersey this morning - not even thinking that the old man is retiring tonight. Let's Go Rangers!