Interactive Banking

Since the last post I've been thinking about scene interaction and have started to implement some basics. I've decided to implement the current setup as web app style API endpoints. Meaning when your at the /healer location /healer/heal is the URL to hit for healing. The endpoint first checks the character location, then checks to see if the character has enough gold in hand to pay for healing. Right now it's hard coded at 10 gold pieces a modest sum I think. The Bank is set up in the same manner with /bank/deposit/10 and /bank/withdraw/10 as endpoints. Deposit all and withdraw all will probably be added later today were just added but, I'll be keeping deposit x amount of gold out for right now to limit the amount of input checking I need to do.

I was hoping to get some time in over the long weekend to refactor some of the code but it didn't happen. But, I did manage to start pulling routes out to separate files. Speaking of code the current hope is also to have a code focused post within a week or so. The source isn't being fully open sourced but, I'll still be talking about it and sharing snippets and workflow here. My build and release system needs some work, actually everything just needs to be cleaned up before the code base goes too much further. It would be a pain to try and break it out later.