La Fin Du Monde

Finally, a free moment - moving across the USA is hard work it seems. That's right no more New York for me, I'm now in city of Portland in the state of Oregon. It's been a crazy time with the website going down just moments before I got on the plane. I wasn't in a position to get it fixed quickly so, down it stayed. Of course, once that was fixed we released there were problems with all of the e-mail accounts... Anyway, it's all fixed up and hopefully that won't happen again. So, what does all this have to do with gaming. Well, I may have been incredibly busy but I have managed to shoe horn in a bit of time playing. I spent almost the entire plane ride playing The World Ends With You. I'm currently on day 5 (out of 7). Of course I haven't played since I landed at PDX - I'm hoping to get back into it once I move into my place this weekend. The game is strangely good. One of the better RPGs I've played recently. I'm (surprise) pressed for time so I won't go into the entire story - check out Siliconera for that. Aside from the DS, I've been lucky enough to clock some time in Steam playing a couple of games. I even got to sit down and play Team Fortress 2 in the same room with a couple of people I know out here. Working on the new achievements was tons of fun and Gold Rush is pretty fun. Just remember kids drinking and gaming isn't always a good idea. My other Steam favorite has been Trackmania. If you haven't checked it out and like arcade style racers then get going... Now, if only I can hold on until my main computer gets here - I'm dieing to play some Company of Heroes.