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League of Legends World Playoffs

LoL World Playoffs


I remember way back when watching (or at least reading about since it wasn't really easy to watch) Counter-Strike or Quake matches thinking that we wouldn't really see this thing, watching people play video games, take off. Yet, here I am sitting in my home office on a day off watching the first day of the League of Legends World Playoffs. I'm watching the stream on Twitch and for now the site is reporting that about 207,444 people are currently watching along. The games are also streaming on at least a couple of other sites so the total stream numbers won't be known for a while, but they will be huge. Riot appears to be classing up the joint too with some impressive production. We had a close look at it during PAX Prime and they surely mean business going into season 3. There have been a few small missteps this time as the games are being played in an outside arena so the sun and wind are a bit of a factor. It was bound to happen eventually, I think, with the shift over to streaming the last few years completely bypassing the need to go after a television audience. We've talked a bit about it on the podcast and I'm sure after this weekend we'll be coming back to it again next Tuesday. 58XEB3KADWHE