Left 4 Dead: Demo Play

Finally, had a chance last night to get some co-op gaming in with Left 4 Dead and it was awesome. I preordered the game last week so I was able to download the demo on back on the 6th. I played through the single player portion a dozen or so times waiting for the public version to be released. Anyway, it's out now and there are zombies to be killed. So, I'll leave you now with some screen shots (then I need to get back to work), all the shots are 1680x1050 and show how much I need to pickup a new video card. [![Left 4 Dead](/conteLeft 4 Deadet/content/images/left4dead-2008-11-12-20-09-01-53.jpg)

[![Left 4 Dead](/conteLeft 4 Deadet/content/images/left4dead-2008-11-12-20-19-01-60.jpg) [![Left 4 Dead](/conteLeft 4 Deadet/content/images/left4dead-2008-11-12-20-16-01-57.jpg)

[![Left 4 Dead](/conteLeft 4 Deadet/content/images/left4dead-2008-11-12-20-15-01-56.jpg) [![Left 4 Dead](/conteLeft 4 Deadet/content/images/left4dead-2008-11-12-20-13-21-60.jpg)

[![Left 4 Dead](/conteLeft 4 Deadet/content/images/left4dead-2008-11-12-20-09-31-57.jpg) [![Left 4 Dead](/conteLeft 4 Deadet/content/images/left4dead-2008-11-12-20-20-11-56.jpg)