Ever since my first experience with Lemmings (playing over at a friends house on his Tandy - yeah it was a while ago) I've had a soft spot for the little guys. It's no surprise that after all these years the game still holds up - it's essentially the same game after all. Lemmings is the perfect game for the PSP, quick levels that are great for small trips in the subway or on the bus. Visually, Lemmings is very good looking, the lemmings themselves are only about 10 pixels or so but, the stages look fantastic. The game was built for the PSP, controls are perfect and load times are seem reasonable so far. With tons of levels (new and old), and the ability to make your own, this one should keep you busy for a while. There isn't really anything new here though - so if the Lemmings made you break a mouse or two when they first started walking around your monitor you should expect to buy a new PSP shortly after trying this one. For puzzle gamers, however, this is a welcome addition to the PSP library.