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Team Fortress 2 01 Well, I did it! I bought Team Fortress 2 for the PC and I'm not even mad about spending another $30 to get it. Because, now I can easily find a game - even at 6AM eastern I was able to jump right into an almost full server and start fragging. Team Fortress 2 02 I spent several hours on playing on Thursday and had a great time - I forgot just how nice it is to game on PC. I didn't have to mute other players or anything! Actually, I wish I still had a headset for my computer - it would have made it much easier to play. Stopping to type just doesn't work and usually ended with my being killed and not getting the information out anyway. Team Fortress 2 03 Another nice thing about my shift back over to PC gaming, is that on Wednesday I received a Ideazon Reaper Gaming Mouse from Brinstar. She wasn't a big fan of the mouse's design and was willing to part ways with it. So, I spent Thursday playing with my old Dell scroll-wheel mouse and Friday with the Reaper - and it's damn nice. The difference between the old mouse and the new one is like night and day. I guess gaming mice may actually help improve FPS gaming a bit. I've never been "super-hardcore" with the PC FPS games so I never bothered to pick up a mouse just for gaming - but now that I've got one... Anyway, I need to go finish buying some gifts so I can get back to playing TF2.