So, I'm down here in NJ trying to make some money. I could really use it since I've had my car in the shop twice over the last two weeks. Yay! Anyway, the car is running pretty good so whatever. I haven't done too much work on the site due to always being busy. But, one of these days I'll get back at it. I've been spending a bit of my free time helping Ragowit from with the database for his main site. I've also put together a crap program which seems to be working pretty well ( ). I think I'm going to take some time tonight to brush up the code on this site and make sure that I didn't miss something when upgrading. Maybe I'll also try and add in some ICS blogging functions to the script. Hmm. We'll see I guess. Oh and everyone look out for Mikey's FurryCon2k5!!!