MINERVA: Metastasis - MOTY#5

[![MINERVA: MetastasisMINERVA: Metastasiset/content/images/metastasis_4b0013.JPG "MINERVA: Metastasis") A couple of days ago Rock Paper Shotgun ran a round up of ModDB's Mod of the Year poll. I decided that since I haven't really been following the mod scene very closely, it was time to get reacquainted with it. Three out of the top five mods are for Half-Life 2 (lucky for me since I don't own Battlefield 2 which covers the remaining mods). So, starting with number five on the list: MINERVA: Metastasis. [![MINERVA: MetastasisMINERVA: Metastasiset/content/images/metastasis_4a0005.JPG "MINERVA: Metastasis") Minerva is a single player stand along side story set within the Half-Life universe. The back story is pretty vague - all you know at the beginning is your being air lifted to an island that is under the control of Combine forces. The player receives instructions from the mysterious Minerva via text messages that appear on screen. I don't want to go into too much detail since I don't want to give away any aspects of the story. Developed by a mod team consisting of one person, Adam Foster, Minerva should land this guy a job with Valve - it's that good. [![MINERVA: MetastasisMINERVA: Metastasiset/content/images/metastasis_30010.JPG "MINERVA: Metastasis") If you own a copy of Half-Life 2: Episode 1 I suggested trying this out - you will not be disappointed.