My Brief History Of 'Dark Corners of the Earth'

Sometime back in 2000 a friend of mine was very excited to tell me about an upcoming game he'd just heard about. It seemed someone was finally going to make another game based on HP Lovecraft's 'Cthulhu Mythos'. Being a huge Lovecraft fan I couldn't wait! And to make it better a few days (if I remember correctly) later I found out that the developer ( ) also had the rights to 'Battle of the Planets' aka 'G-Force'! It was almost too good to be true: a survival horror game base on Lovecraft's writings with co-op multiplayer?! ( ) And to make it better there would be sanity effects and a hud-less display. This game sounded like it was going to be a winner in my book! After the initial excitement wore off the game slipped off my radar, I figured I'd hear a 'Gone Gold' announcement. Fast forward to May of 2002 when news came out that then publisher Fishtank/Ravensburger had been purchased by JoWood. They announced that CoC was seriously delayed ( ). A few months later, in June of 2002, Headfirst announces that the Ravensburger is no longer the publisher due to 'breach of contract' ( ). In May of 2003 (just in time for E3) Bethesda Softworks steps up and says they will be publishing the game ( ). All is right with the world again. CoC excites the gaming press and gamers alike. The buzz was hot even with the delays the game has suffered already. At this point the game is scheduled for release sometime in the first quarter of 2004. I'm not sure of the exact date that it happened but as Q1 2004 approached the release date slipped further back and eventually the game became one of the "most anticipated games of 2005". Where have we heard that before? Around this time ( ) announces a co-publishing agreement with 2K Games ( ). May of 2005 landed the announcement that Headfirst was also now busy not releasing another Cthulhu game this one called 'Destiny's End'. So here we are - October 2005. The game was supposed to be out several times already this month and it keeps slipping by a couple of days. On the forums Headfirst says they can't say anything about the release. When asked about the release date Jason Bergman over at 2K Games couldn't give much more information. "For anything Cthulhu related, please contact Pete Hines at Bethesda" he said. Pete Hines over at Bethesda has yet to answer my e-mail so I sent a note over to in the hopes that someone would be able to share the word. As of now I still haven't received a reply. Not surprising since the e-mail isn't coming from a big name game site/blog. People on the CoC forums say they have been in some game stores and have held the display box - which should indicate that the game will be out any second now. But when it will actually hit the shelves no one knows for sure. 'Duke Nukem Forever' dev cycle aside, I am still looking forward to playing this game. Although, I bet it's not going to be the great experience that I was looking forward too five years ago.