Happy 4th of July all. Picking up where I left off... I heard back from Mario Kroll, about the Night Watch demo. On the subject of a StarForce free demo he had this to say:

The game itself shipped on June 26, 2006. Since the demo is a subset of the game itself, the demo shipped with the same copy protection as the retail version of the game. There are no plans for us to release the demo of this title with a different copy protection means from the actual retail product.

And there you have it: StarForce stays. Looking at a couple of the download mirrors I noticed that some at least post a notice that the demo contains StarForce protection. I still have yet to play the demo. In fact I was going to give it a try this PC but, it's acting all funny since installing it (no lie) and I haven't even tried to run the game yet. If I ever get it running I let you know what I think.