Now Playing - April 2008

I keep finding excuses to get myself out of the house - maybe it's because the weather is starting to get a bit nicer. My play time has really suffered because of it. It's OK though, it really is - I have managed to squeeze in a bit of gaming time... Rock Band (Xbox 360) Mike and I finally sat down this past Friday (or was it Thursday?) and played through a bunch of Rock Band. We hadn't really played since St. Patrick's day and I'm not sure you can really call that playing. We had to start a new band because Mike, the drummer extraordinaire, managed to break one of the drum sticks. We still have quite a way to go before finishing the Band World Tour so who knows if we'll actually do it. Don't tell anyone from Activision but, Guitar Hero is terrible in comparison to Rock Band. Especially, if Harmonix and MTV come through with the in-game music store. Company of Heroes (PC) I finally reinstalled CoH and started inching my way through the rest of the campaign mode. Hopefully, by the time I finish it Opposing Fronts will be less then $29.95. It's a bit of a pain - only playing a few minutes at a time. Although, I'm ending up with a ton of save games so if something goes wrong I've got a bunch of fall back points. Prey (PC) It was on sale for $4.95 through Steam last weekend and so far it's a decent game. The portals and gravity effects are pretty cool. Nothing too special besides that though. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (NDS) Dragon Sword is without a doubt my favorite DS game ever. The graphics are fantastic, the controls are perfect and the story is spot on. I'm about four and a half hours into it and hopefully will get around to finishing it some time soon. I pretty sure that beating it unlocks hard difficulties which, for once, I'm looking forward to. Persona (PS1) I haven't made it nearly as far as I wanted to but, I have been playing a little bit here and there.