Now Playing - August 2008

Well. here it is only a few days before PAX - and due to my new job I won't be able to attend. That sucks, I finally am on the west coast during PAX, it's only about a three hour drive and I still can't make it. Ever since moving I've been incredibly busy - it really cuts into the gaming time. Although, since the new job allows me to work out of my home office so, I've managed to get a bit more in. Of course I didn't continue any one of the games I'm in the middle of now. Nope, I started replaying Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve (PSX) [![Parasite Eve](/contParasite Eveet/content/images/parasite_eve_01.jpg) It's been such a long time since I've played this. I can't even remember if I ever beat it. Anyway, thanks to an incredibly slow work week I managed to play up to Day 5: Liberation. If this next week stays just as slow I'll be able to finish it off. Parasite Eve is a great RPG one you should go back and revisit if you have the means. It's such a massive departure from the Final Fantasy series, that's probably what appeals to me the most. I think I'll pick up a copy of Hideaki Sena's novel, which from what I understand is fantastic. That reminds me I still have to pick up a copy of Birthday... Company of Heros: Opposing Fronts (PC) [![](GHOST_URL/content/images/cet/content/images/coh_01.jpg) It's been a while since I've played COH and I noticed this weekend that the expansion pack Opposing Fronts had finally dropped below $29.99 on Steam. So, I picked it up and immediately rejoined the fight. I really want to see Company Of Heros Online. I'm not sure it will see a US release, for now it looks as if it is only being release in Korea and China as free to play. Free to play and microtransaction games starting to gain a foot hold here in the US but, we still may not see a release here. Even if we don't see see the Online game it is possible we will be seeing another expansion soon. Team Fortress 2 (PC) Heavy. Actually, I haven't played Heavy since the update. I started to play last night and then noticed the Opposing Fronts price drop. But, I swear I'm devoting some time to it this afternoon. *Persona 3: FES * (PS2) I've only been able to squeeze in a little bit of time leveling since returning to work after my whole broken wrist saga. I didn't play enough of Persona or any of Persona 2 but, it appears that all of the games are not connected - one of these days I need to seek out a Persona wiki and read up on what the hell is going on. Final Fantasy IV (NDS) Not too much to say about this - it's a updated release of a classic game. I'm currently about half way through and not sure exactly when I'll be finishing it since I don't have to commute to work anymore.