Now Playing - August 2009

It's still August right? Fallout 3 (PC) I've got two quests left in the main game, the last story line quest and the one known as Nuka-Cola Challenge. I haven't played in since I reached that point, the benefit to playing the game so far after release is that I know that the end of the game is not that great something the Broken Steal download-able content tries to take care of. Not playing is taking it's toll on me though, I really just want to jump back in and run through the wastes some more. Hopefully, the add-ons will be released one Steam once the Game of the Year edition comes out. Dawn of War Gold (PC) Once, I put Fallout on hold I switched over to some real time strategy. Having already beaten the single player campaign in Dawn of War 2 I figured now was a good time to go back and see the beginning. It's a great game, I didn't even mind the base build and tech trees. Graphics wise everything holds up pretty well, even though I had to manually set the resolution to 1680x1050 and it didn't stretch. I almost wish I had kept a bit more track of how long it took me to play through, it felt like the first campaign flew right by. I quickly moved on to the second campaign and unfortunately it didn't quite grab me the way the first did. I think it's because I wasn't really expecting it to introduce a new faction and force me to flip between playing that faction and one of the others. I've put it on hold for a little bit... PAX (RL) OK, so PAX isn't actually taking place in August and neither is this post so... It's coming up this weekend and I'll be taking the short trip up with a couple friends to see what all the buzz is about. Just what I need a bunch of new games that I may not get to play for months.