Now Playing - November 2009

Torchlight (PC) [Insert the sound of a clicking mouse here.] I always have Diablo 2 installed and ready to go at a moments notice. Like many others I have a strange love for it's click-y loot-fest. The problem is the game hasn't aged very well and I say that as a fan of retro games. It's main problem is that it's forced to run in one resolution. Sure, there are ways around that but, then you can't play on Well, now Torchlight is here to take care of that Diablo itch and it does so perfectly. I've been slowly working my way down into the depths below Torchlight, steadily clicking on a never ending stream of monsters and picking up their multicolored loot. The story is a bit slim but, that's not really what the release was about as far as I can tell. It seems to be more of a vehicle to get Runic Games and the IP out into the public. Oh, and if it sells well of course it helps raise funds for the online version. Which I can't wait for, I miss Mythos, that was a good time. Word on the street is that it will be back playable soon thanks to it's new owners. Wonder if it will still be any good. Borderlands (PC) The fun of Borderlands seems to be falling through geometry and getting stuck. Alright, well that's not exactly true, playing with friends is the best part of, even if most the time I have been under leveled. That's alright though, I'll take my over powered weapons and self back into my game and wipe up all the people who get in my way. I haven't exactly finished the game yet even though I've seen the credits roll. Great game, it could have been truly awesome too, hopefully the sequel will fix the few small things I consider issues, most of which are cosmetic and non-game breaking (so far). Maybe once I've finally made it all the way through the story I'll come back as say some more. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 (PC) I had a chance to try Modern Warfare 2 a few days after it came out and what should have been a quick session, ended about five hours later when the credits rolled. I can't really tell you much about the game, just that it was almost always "on". The amount of crazy stuff that was going down was mind boggling. I don't remember the first one being quite so insane. I think what I need to do is going and actually pick up a copy instead of looting a friends, then play through both games back to back. Then maybe I'll have the story gaps filled in. That and I'll get to play some multi-player, I love Modern Warfare's so I'm betting this will be just as good. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) The day after I played through Modern Warfare 2 I decided it was time that I finally when back and actually finished playing Modern Warfare. As it turned out, I only had like 20 minutes of game play left. So, I wrapped that up and that's all I have to say about that. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360) I had a $25 gift card for Best Buy so I picked up a copy. I've only played for a little while and probably won't be finishing it any time soon.