Now Playing - September 2009

Aion (PC) Back in the beginning of September I had a chance to finally sit down and play some of the Aion open beta. I had been kind of following the development and wanted to get in and play. Once the open beta started I set aside a few hours to see what the buzz was about. Overall, I wasn't super impressed. Sure, the game looked nice but, it didn't really grab me. Honestly, I already knew I wasn't going to be buying the game since I don't play MMO's with monthly fees. It just wouldn't make any sense when I already seem to struggle to find the time to play. Anyway, I managed to work my character up to level 12 or 13. During my play session I mostly saw the same old MMO-ish stuff "kill x of y" and "fetch" quests. Another thing that kind of disappointed me was the large wall of text at the opening of some of the quests, most people probably won't even read it, other quests had a brief cut scene that didn't seem all that great to me. I did have a fun time playing it just wasn't enough to convince me to pay for the game and then the monthly fee. Maybe I'll give it another shot once it goes free to play. Scribblenauts (DS) Scribblenuats has done something no other DS game has managed to do so far - convince Kris to pick it up and turn it on. I showed her the game one night and the next day she's wandered into my office asking where the DS is. For me the game got old really fast, I probably won't ever pick it up again, and Kris has since moved on to Peggle DS. So is Scribblenauts her gateway to gaming? Probably not, I think it just shows what a good concept the game was too bad it's so boring. Oh, and Kris just unlocked Peggle Nights. Plants vs Zombies (PC) A friend of mine has been playing Plants vs. Zombies for quite a while now. Well, not as much playing now as tending to his Zen Garden. For some reason I had resisted picking it up from Steam. I'm not sure why, I just never bought it. Browsing through my RSS feeds while on a conference call the other day I read that PopCap had released a Flash version of the game. It was then that I realized this is the perfect work companion so, I immediately bought it through Steam. I finished my first run through adventure mode a few minutes ago. The Witcher (PC) Seeing the leaked video of The Witcher 2 made me want to jump back in and continue working my way through the game. It's such a good action RPG, I really need to finish it up. I spent a couple of hours working my way through a few quests I had open. I've still got a way to go in the game but I'm working on it. Persona 3 FES (PS2/PC) The day before picking up Plants vs Zombies I found myself with some downtime at work and really wanted to play some Persona. However, I didn't feel like dragging out the spare TV and setting it up in the office. I knew I should have bought that TV tuner card. So, I made an ISO out of my Persona 3 FES disc and started playing with the latest build of PCSX2. I didn't even play too far in since I really wanted to continue the game I have already started but still too lazy to drag the TV into the office. Now I've got too saves and still have 100+ hours of RPG to go through... Dominion (Tabletop) I've been hearing about Dominion and never really knew what to think about it after all, the descriptions I heard were pretty odd. Well, I finally had a chance to sit down and play a couple of games and it was pretty fun. Fun enough in fact that we may even play it again.