One Handed

Back on June 28th I the unfortunate experience of breaking my wrist (took a dive on my bike to avoid being hit by a car). About a week after the break I had to undergo surgery to add a plate to the bone in order to help it heal correctly. The whole experience has not been to fun - as one of my friends pointed out no Team Fortress 2 Pyro achievements for me. hasn't been all bad though - I have found several games I can play one handed. One of the new games to my Steam list was gifted to me because I can play it one handed. That would be Trials 2 Second Edition from Redlynx. Trials is a racing game in the Trackmania sense of racing games - meaning you basically are racing the clock. It's pretty damn fun to break bones - in fact my first achievement was Every Bone Broken. The game is pretty difficult with absolute perfect runs required to make it to an acceptible place on the global score board. The controlls are simple since, only the arrow keys are used. Up and down, raise and lower your speed while left and right allow you to shift your weight back and forth on the bike. You really should check it out. I also took the opportunity to get a bit further in On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Playing one hand is a bit odd with the blocking system but I made it past the first "boss fight" with out much of a problem. I'll be getting back to it soon maybe... Some how getting away from the one handed game play I bought a copy of SiN Episodes: Emergence since it was on sale for $4.99 and I had some money in my PayPal account. I only played for a few moments before I couldn't take the pain and hand switching - my girlfriend and I did get a good laugh out of the the strange and unrealistic boob physics in the opening. So does anyone have any other suggestions for one handed games?