Panzer Tactics DS

CDV has just e-mailed me some screens for, Panzer Tactics, their upcoming WWII turn-based strategy wargame for the Nintendo DS. Sounds kind of fun. Although, I am a bit sick of WWII as a setting - what would game designers do if it had not happened? [![Panzer 01](/contentPanzer 01et/content/images/panzertactics_10.jpg "Panzer 01") [![Panzer 02](/contentPanzer 02et/content/images/panzertactics_12.jpg "Panzer 02") [![Panzer 03](/contentPanzer 03et/content/images/panzertactics_15.jpg "Panzer 03") [![Panzer 04](/contentPanzer 04et/content/images/panzertactics_24.jpg "Panzer 04")

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Key features: > Playable via DS Stylus, face buttons or a combination of both Three unique campaigns (German, Russians and Western Allies) in 30 thrilling missions, including "commando" operations taking players behind enemy lines Optional mission objectives to unlock bonus missions and other tactical enhancements Over 20 different special attacks and 150 different land, sea and air units for all sides Different battle animations for all units on any terrain and a wide range of special effects, explosions and weather effects Nintendo Wi-Fi and multiplayer wireless mode with up to four players per game, along with hot-seat mode play for two-players on the same DS. A online ladder system keeps track of high scores. 10 multiplayer maps of various sizes played on 14 varied terrain types