password on [localhost] is reset

After seeing the link for Slave Hack on Digg yesterday, I, like a bunch of other people (4000 or so new players signed up) decided to check it out. Now, for those who are out of the loop, Slave Hack is a web game whose goal is for you to "hack" your way around the "internet", installing spam/ddos bots and warez dumps, all in the quest to earn money so you can upgrade your hardware. It's pretty crazy when your first starting but, with 30 minutes of "n00b" protection should at least give you a chance to get on your foot. The game is very addictive! I've been flipping from work to Slave Hack and back for the last two days. If anyone else was around they would have heard me cursing when I "hacked" a server with a full log file. 16 minutes gone! Yes it takes 16 minutes to delete a full log file. Of course after some upgrades you can cut that time down. Just for laughs I did take a look at changing the page with man-in-the-middle proxy but it doesn't seem to work - they must keep approximate track of time on the server. The "download" times are kind of nice because you don't have to sit and watch, you can just check back in 20 minutes. I have been pretty lucky so far, I haven't experienced a major hack on my "computer" yet. knock on wood According to the high score list I'm sitting at number 281 right now - not too bad for flipping back and forth... Maybe I'll try to break the top 100.